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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Highly recommend Phoebe to all my clients. She is passionate about finding the best policy for each individual.

I have personally used her service for my family."

Celeste C.

"My husband and I have used the services of Phoebe Shagan for several years now. I have confidence in her professional recommendations. She takes all the anxiety out of decision-making. She presents various options based on our particular needs at the time, which evolve depending on age, specialist providers, and medications. The business of health insurance keeps changes every year and she keeps up with the latest trends. It's comforting to have her educated guidance and support."

Martha M.

"I don’t know how my 85-year-old mother would have navigated Medicare without Phoebe‘s help. She doesn’t just help you the one time, she stays in touch and lets you know what better options have come up for you.

I highly recommend her services, very knowledgeable and a very pleasant person to deal with."

Susan H.

"I have used Phoebe’s services for years. She has been very helpful. She’s honest & knows what is best for each of her clients. I highly recommend her service."

Sandra A.

"Phoebe did an outstanding job for my wife and me in helping us select the "right" health insurance.  She is knowledgeable, decisive and caring.

She made the complicated seem simple and I recommend her services without reservation."

Donald C.

"Phoebe is a valuable resource navigating through Medicare insurance jungle."

Martin I.

"Came in not knowing a whole lot about what I needed and left with a better understanding of how Medicare and the supplements worked. Phoebe walked me thru the choices and answered my questions.

If you're unsure about your decisions as a new retiree reaching THAT age,  Phoebe will guide you in the right direction."

Terri S.

"Made signing up so easy!"

Linda C.

"Phoebe is an invaluable resource for navigating through the Medicare insurance jungle.  Highly recommend sitting down with her to review all of your insurance options."

Edward M.